The future of Virtual Reality…

Capabilities. Its what we use things for. We seek to add to our abilities by using or leveraging the capabilities of a tool. In our human model it is what separates us from the remainder of our brethren in the animal kingdom.

The use of tools.

I can see further. I can see in 3 dimensions. I can see colors I could not see before.

That brings me to what’s next. Personally I think VR is going to take off. Not in the sense of gaming as it is frequently portrayed today. Rather there are so many fields that VR will ultimately impact.

  • Network Security- what is the one thing most humans have? A tracking computer. Its in your head and it tracks motion and difference very quickly. Computer instruction programs could be modified to present green, blue and red images ported to a VR network map. The human eye will head to the red quickly. The VR system would allow the security analyst to deploy counter measures or watch the attack and learn from what the attacker is doing.
  • Medical – an interactive VR based MRI system would allow the doctor to see injuries in 3 dimensions. It is conceivable that the Doctor could see other solution for knees and other operations. Perhaps view all of a tumor and remove all of it.
  • Imagine a VR project plan that would allow a PM to see all the points of intersection. Then following each one quickly determine where resources needed to be deployed to resolve future problems.
  • VR Mesh – a series of cameras and other sensors deployed into a mesh scenario. Where the mesh allowed you to take a room and create a virtual reality recording studio for probably around US 500 dollars. You would need motion sensors, video, sound and heat. The heat just because a VR heat map of your mesh would look really cool.

The potential is beyond comprehension sometimes. Teachers, fire people, police and military applications are amazing. The goal of a deployed military is to reduce the casualties. Its expensive to train a solider. Have a VR battle field allows leaders to see more than just what is in front of them. Fire people could leverage VR renders of buildings, determining points of weakness. The police could evaluate standoffs differently by viewing the rendered version of the house and where people are in that house.

Oh such a bright future. Occulus Rift and the new Hololens from Microsoft showing that VR is just around the corner and the corner may be this fall. By October the first releases should be out. the products available for consumption. Shortly after that we should start seeing programs and hardware designed to support not only gaming but some of the many other fields out there.

The future is near.

Really near.

All we have to do is wait a little longer.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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