Who will run to help…

Several great responses to my open letter to Governor Pence yesterday and for the first time on a somewhat political post really no arguments back.

A great question posted on Facebook as well. If a baker (who happens to be gay) is asked/forced to bake and decorate a cake with “No gay Marriage” could he or she refuse?

I did paraphrase the question. It is in the end a good question. The first issue is a baker an artist? If you consider a cake that is decorated and in the end appears as much to be art as it does food is an artist required to be politically correct? Is a baker an artist? Is art exempt?

That one is still rattling around and may emerge as a blog eventually. Another comment that was really good was about the fact that the Indiana I cherished was the Indiana of Birch Bayh. Birch Bayh was the senator from Indiana and a great man. He was a person I greatly admired. I remember when he came to our Middle School and spoke. He and Frank McCloskey (former Mayor of Bloomington and Former Congressman) represented to me what a politician was supposed to be. A person of the people and someone who listened to the people they were of. Both of those men lost their seats as leaders of Indiana because they were unwilling to compromise the ethics they held dear.

As humans we are bound to where were born. We are however not bound to where we are. The world is infinite and the potential is great. I saw a great post recently on Linkedin. If you can’t find a nice person anywhere around you, be the nice person. Reach down and help those who have fallen. I remember watching the horrifying images of the Boston Marathon bombing over and over. The images of the World Trade Center crashing to the ground. The thing from two horrifying images that I remember the most? The one thing that gave me hope in moment filled with tears and terror?

That people rushed in. Didn’t look. Didn’t wait to have the air tested or determine if there were other planes or bombs that would go off. They heard the cries of the injured and they rushed in. They were willing to die to help other people.

In the end that is what I remember. In times of trouble we separate. Some of us are willing to rush into a burning building to save a child or a dog.

Honor rises above consideration of self. Honor rises above the moment. Bravery is what honorable people do when the moment hits. There are moments in my life that I will never forget. Grand moments that rise above anything I could ever hope to be. There are also horrible moments. While I am not equating the Indiana law with the horrible events detailed in my blog today, I am hoping that in the end the brave will rush to the people impacted by the law.

To paraphrase a song from the show “A Prairie Home Companion” the fireman said “keep moving down” as they continued to rush up the stairs of the World Trade Center. They treated the wounded and helped get people out of the building. Some of those fireman and policeman never made it out of the building. The ran to help those in pain.

Who will run to Indiana?


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow