Capability buckets, home devices and the impact of IoT…

I was thinking about capability buckets and home devices yesterday on my short (114 minutes to go 30 miles) drive home. I was thinking about printers for some unknown reason.

Roughly 5 years ago I got a color laser printer. I had waited for the prices to come down from the original color lasers (2000 plus). They finally did so I got one. we used it frequently and still use it to this day. It was a simple connect and print device.

But the capability “print” is not a huge bucket now compared to what it was when we first got the printer. There were a number of projects the family was involved in then that required a lot of color prints. Now we print on occasion but for the most part the color inkjet printer is good enough.

So we are donating the big color printer. We no longer need that level of color laser printing in the house. We can operate with a smaller printer that still does color laser prints but also now serves a secondary backup role – fax machine. That in the end allows me to get rid of two stand alone devices (fax machine and color laser) and combine into a single machine. I gain space back and in the end have fewer devices in the house.

That got me thinking about the impact of IoT on devices. What devices will as IoT activated replace other devices people have today. For example, Keecker (on Kickstarter here) got me thinking. They call Keecker the first homepod. I think it is actually the first portable home theater. Instead of having a number of devices in a single place you simply have Keecker come to you. This allows you to have what you need literally at your fingertips in any room of the house. From music to videos. The example I am going to use for this is the other day I was installing something in the house. I had to balance my phone to watch the excellent YouTube video on how to install the device. With Keecker (coming soon!!!!!) I would have simple put my phone down and had Keecker display what I was watching right where I was installing the device.

In the end that is a new capability bucket that can be filled by a device that also fills other capability buckets (portable radio, portable TV, portable video phone, portable meeting device).

The number of capabilities that we will be able to add to devices is simply amazing. Embracing this IoT capability onslaught will help us make the world a better place with technology. From the Internet of illness (published on CloudTweaks) to what is the CO and CO2 level of my house the IoT technology impact is going to be huge. From your health, to staying healthy by having people who are sick stay home the impact of technology on our lives is already great and going to get even better!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow