IoT as a road sensor system to reduce aggressive driving…

An interesting idea someone sent me for the IoT. He was thinking I should use it for my upcoming presentation but I am not sure I could implement it that quickly. Every car gets a bar code. Every road gets sensors on it (most have them now). Or better yet create sensors that look like orange barrels. Want to stop speeding and aggressive driving? Put the orange barrels out.

He figured the aggressive driving fines alone would pay for the cost of the barrels. In the DC Metro, New York Metro and other large metro areas the speeding tickets would pay for the police and the road maintenance.

His other great idea was to put a sensor in all cars that measure how many people are in the car. 2 people and you don’t beacon when you enter the HOV lane. 1 person and you beacon resulting in a ticket. No need to have enforcement.

Then he was adding RFID chips to your DL. Suspended license? The car won’t even start. In fact no car would start.

I told him the concepts were a little out there in Sci-Fi land, but they were possible. Boy would that make the commute nicer in the DC area. No aggressive drivers and reduced road rage. Reduced number of people speeding.

There wouldn’t even be an issue of cost. The resulting increase in fines would more than pay for the cost of the sensors. Insurance companies would be able to drop the rates charged to drivers because it would much safer on the roads. Aggressive drivers cause two distinct reactions.

  1. People who don’t drive aggressively do a little more because they risk being cut off or worse if they don’t that increases the risk of accidents because they have to be closer than they would be normally.
  2. Aggressive drivers also leave a wake, its never the drivers ahead it’s the drivers behind. If you leave enough space for a car and one additional inch of air between you and the car in front the aggressive driver yanks into that space. You hit the brakes and the person behind you who was preventing the aggressive driver by being too close to present that activity.

Perhaps we should band together and legislate for more IoT sensors on the roads. The more aggressive drivers we get onto the race tracks and off of the public roads the lower our insurance will be. Not including the shear raw reduction of lost time and cost because you do not have wait for your car to be repaired.

IoT as a way to fix a major problem most of us experience.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.