Multiple Topics today wandering the lost places of my mind…

Topic One today: Creative Technology & Innovation

Creative Technology & Innovation is a company I started a long time ago now (24 years ago). It was originally started so that I could as a school teacher do the technology side jobs I was doing. Later it evolved into the company that supported Kindle the Flame and the Society of Dead Teachers. When the DTS (Society of Dead Teachers shorted name) journal Kindle the Flame actually started having advertisers we had to have a legal way to take in that money and apply it wholly to the cost of the journal. Ergo using CT&I as the core company.

Recently I’ve been playing with various web sites and had a Wix site for awhile (6 months or so). I realized that while Wix is a great initial tool it is better to have the domain and name all be the same. Its interesting at this point as to what is available for small businesses.

When CT&I was started in 1991 we had a business license, business cards and a mailing address. Now there is all that and so much more available. The times they have changed.

Topic Two today: The optimism of Innovators.

I’ve been working with a few Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns lately. I find it interesting the optimism many folks that are starting something grand have. I wonder if my original assessment of innovation wouldn’t move to the left or right a little based on the reality of optimism. Are optimists better innovators?

The reason I asked is the following conversation. “There is a concept called TAM. The total addressable market. I suspect your TAM is roughly 250,000 million people if you captured 100% of your market. Most well no companies do that. You are more likely to reach 3-8% of the total market first run.” The response to that statement “we are shooting for 15%”

Optimism is a wonderful thing. I wonder if that ability to drive for excellence and beyond isn’t a gift. I hope in the end the company is successful. They certainly have the drive to get there.

Topic Three today: IoC the Internet of Connections

In my blog yesterday I asserted that it isn’t really the Internet of things, it’s the Internet of connections. That things are things and have been things for thousands of years. Add connection and suddenly the thing is a smart device. That is ultimately the real game in IoT, it is the connection.

I got a great email yesterday talking about that. Distributing smart devices without connectivity is in the end just making smart devices dumb. I actually laughed out loud Laughing out loud when I read that line in the email. It is however true. The Internet is ultimately a source of connection and therefore it is the Internet of connections we are building.


Scott Andersen

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