In memory of Leonard Nimoy….

I became a trekkie at an early age, probably 8 years old. In my initial trekkie days I was for the most part a huge fan of William Shatner and Captain Kirk. I loved the show and all the characters and as I got older I began to realize the genius of Leonard Nimoy. The character, Mr. Spock conveying the essence of the struggle all humans have, maintain logic or explode with emotions.

His passing reminds us that life is to be led. He did so many things beyond Star Trek but we all know him as Mr. Spock. He was an unbelievable photographer. His name alone conveyed comedic and intellectual power, just his name. One of my favorite shows “The Big Bang Theory” features physicists that are more than enamored with the who and what of Leonard Nimoy and Mr. Spoke.

I passed from Trekkie to science fiction fan in the mid-1970’s but wandered back into the Leonard Nimoy fan club with his narration of the “In Search of” and other documentaries of interesting and unusual thing.  I listened to his albums (he had several) and watched him in one of my favorite books brought to screen “Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World.” He was a gifted and talented man that will be missed.

If I could have things Mr. Spock carried, and things about his character made real I would love Mr. Spock’s tricorder. I wish I had his rational ability to remove emotion and only look at things as being logical or illogical. I will celebrate the love I got of changing the world via technology in part from the character you brought to life. Thank you for the gift.

There are paths we must walk –


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.