The IoT let’s change the world bandwagon!

Wearable technology as a way to circumvent our own natural weaknesses. Today you can buy a Bluetooth ear piece that acts not only as a traditional earpiece for your cellular device but also as a hearing aid.

My new idea is for a bracelet that has a Bluetooth capability and is able to send out your medical alert information. Simply put a way for people with specific conditions to easily convey that information to medical professionals. It would only require a Bluetooth application on a device such as a cellular phone for this to be effective.

The wearable revolution of the IoT universe is going eventually to become a game changing shift. People always say they want to use technology to make the world a better place. With the advent of wearable IoT technology that reality isn’t that far off. Today a blood sugar sensor would cost about 1000 dollars per unit. That makes it incredibly expensive as an addition to a watch or other wearable device. But they exist. That means that over time that price will go down.

Imagine the car of tomorrow. Rather than having to wear glasses while driving, the car of the future will display everything for you. Magnified and enhanced so that you can easily see. The car of the future will drive itself (that can be done today, we are merely years not decades from that working effectively for all the cars on the road) so you can focus on the things you need to do. The commute becoming simply an extension of the work day (or perhaps a reduction of the work day by adding hours at the end and beginning that previously could be conference calls but not always productive work time).

Virtual Reality systems opening up the virtual presence potentials where people can be anywhere in the world. You would get a full sensory experience and the people in the meeting would feel like you were actually there. VR allowing the human being to be stayable while their avatar and image travel around the world.

Sadly the end game there could be a sedentary race. So instead let’s create portable VR systems that allow you to be climbing a mountain while sitting in a meeting room with 20 co-workers. Pausing the meeting for a moment to set a new piton.

It is in the end about the potential of the data that exists. Not what can be done with that data but what could be done with the data around us. The impact of sensors on the world around us is actually interesting in the end.

The IoT represents potential. Better health monitoring for people, better health information for medical professionals resulting in the end in better health. You still have to pay attention to what you are doing but in the end you are able to see issues much earlier.

In the end technology and the IoT revolution is going to make the world a better place. The question that comes to mind is why aren’t more people on that bandwagon? Technology is capable of changing the world, today. From helping people live independent lives longer (that wish to) or helping people gather and evaluate information the IoT of tomorrow will improve not only the world we are in, but with VR and extensions it can also improve travel, medicine and education. Bill Gates recently said that on-line and distance learning will change the world. I couldn’t agree more. In my book The Syncverse I talked about that at great length. It is however more than simply on-line education. it is using the IoT to create a system where all in the end get a equal chance at learning.

Imagine a world where everyone get’s a fair chance at an education.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow