Long time reader asked about my family history project…

I posted a compilation blog on Simplicity on the IASA Blog. It should be up and visible in a few days. 

Yesterday I got an email form a long time reader of my other blog (http://scottoandersen.wordpress.com ). I have been doing a family history project on that blog since the passing of my father this past summer.

We have scanned more than 10,000 of my father’s slides. When we completed my father’s slides we started digitizing our family photos. To date we have scanned 4700+ pictures from various sources including the family pictures of my in-laws and many that were taken during the past 25 years. We are roughly 1/2 way with scanning the images.

The question was would I take all the images the kids have scanned with all the blogs I have done about the pictures, including the many emails correcting my errors and turn those into a book.

While I think the how to part of the process would be of interest to a lot of people I don’t think the actual images of my family are as relevant. I have shared the process before (which the emailer pointed out to me) but no I probably won’t make this into a published book. I will eventually take the blogs about my father (a 78 blog arc that began in June 2014) and compile that into a book for future generations of Andersen’s but overall the rest of the pictures will probably simply pass from generation to generation without becoming a book

The steps for a family history project are quite simple.

  1. Find a good scanner – the better the scanner you start with the better your results in the end.
  2. Scan all the pictures don’t worry about quality
  3. Make multiple copies of the scanned images (I use Carbonite for my off premise copy)
  4. Create a blog
  5. Post the images and the stories that go with the images on-line.

No one will remember every event perfectly so you will get the occasional email from family members. You will also find that there are people in your family that don’t care about the pictures of the past – or don’t want to see who and what they were. Don’t worry about that. Your goal is to share your memoires of both family members and family events.

So in the end no I won’t be publishing a book for the world to read beyond my blogs. I will however compile all of them into an electronic book for future generations to enjoy.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.