My blog 2014–a where are we now catch up blog…

In February 2005 I started blogging. In the beginning I posted some scary average numbers on my blog – 3 posts in February 2005. In fact for most of that year I averaged a little over a post a month. Most of my early blogs were about poor customer service. I have since then kept my top five poor customer service list and have posted those quite a few times (but for kicks and giggles here they are again)

Scott’s top 4 worst customer service companies

  1. Noah’s Properties of Gaithersburg Maryland – horrible company. They are now my number one worst customer service experience. The thing that kills me? All in the end I asked for was a simple apology and they couldn’t even do that.
  2. Vonage – horrible service. Simply bad and after 10 years they were my first posted bad customer service company and remain number 2 on my all time list.
  3. eBay. I have a 100% seller rating and a fair number of reviews on eBay. I can honestly say every time I had to deal with their customer service I have decided to close my account. I haven’t yet but where else can you safely sell things on the Internet. Monopoly doesn’t equal good customer service.
  4. Option One Mortgage company – they moved down to number four (they once were number one) only because they are out of business. That should say something right there.

I have a few on the edges but most of them have either come through in the end or simply didn’t annoy me enough to want to list them. I have a no names policy on my blog and honor any commitments that would prohibit me from listing an organization. I have one that I cannot list on my worst customer and personal experience list until August 2015 that will probably rise to number one pretty quickly. To once again state my policy – I try whenever possible to no mention the name of a company. I mention names in reviews. I mention the names of companies that have horrible customer service. I also mention names of solutions that are topical and relevant to what I am talking about. If I mention the name of a product it is a product I use personally or have tested personally.

4500 total posts since starting my blog. I now contribute to four other blogs and I am very proud of that – most of those contributions are only once a month but it makes me happy. All told all blogs more than 350,000 views and growing.

In all cases search for Scott Andersen. The e in the last name is important!

I started a podcast roughly 6 years ago that continues to grow.

If you are interested I post all my Fred and Ed stories to the podcast now. They were told as stories off the top of my head when I started them more than 20 years ago so I have returned to the orginal format of Fred and Ed stories. I have over 100,000 hits on my podcast now which is kind of fun – I suspect most of those hits can be attributed to about 20 Fred and Ed Stories ( I do about two a year).

To a degree this is an advertising blog. But for the most part it is my 2014 year in review – A fun activity. Beyond what you see in my blog I also took 4.2 million steps the past year according to my Fit Bit.

Thanks to all my readers – the email, comments and even those I meet in person that comment make it worth while to do this.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow