Bringing together two concepts the components and forms of IoT…

I got a great email yesterday about my “comedic” IoT blog and my Facebook status that my kids wanted to add a bad joke counter to my smart watch. The long time reader and now former friend (kidding) said perhaps a bad joke counter for my blog as well would be good.

But also the reader had a very serious question about the two different streams within my IoT blogs. He basically wanted me to bring them together.

So…The titles include the links to the articles the reader referred to in the above mentioned email. One comes from Linkedin and the other comes from CloudTweaks.

Components of IoT Forms of IoT
Bandwidth Stayable
Integration Portable
Data Wearable

I have over the past few months defined two different models of IoT the first being components. Things that comprise the IoT solution you are considering. Beyond that there are forms of IoT, i.e. type of device. Wearable devices have to attach to your body and not require you to pull them out of a pocket. A Cellular device is seldom a wearable device.

This got me thinking last night after reading the email. First off I matched the Components to the primary form but each of the forms has a connection to each of the components it is more that the initial connection is the primary. I’ve argued for more than a year that the concept of the screen as a service means you have to have the right information in a usable format on the wearable device.

With the rise of VR I wonder if eventually we will include the concept of virtual portable and physical portable to this list. Where some devices are physically in one place all the time but with VR you can move them with you virtually.

Or the other side of IoT, your cellular device or tablet includes a 3d scanner. So you can easily find something you like, scan it and print it at home on your 3d printer while you are at work (that doesn’t work as well today – 3d printers need to gain some reliability first).

I thought of many more “funny things” that in the end could happen after posting the blog yesterday. Virtual dating is an interesting consideration. Living in two different cities but wishing to go out with the person you are dating you each wear a selfie camera that is little more than a tiny device you put in front of you. Both of you go to a restaurant and share a meal thanks to the virtual device. The funny part? One of you decides to go Dutch during the meal and the other doesn’t have their wallet.

Bringing it all together makes sense so a huge thanks to the reader who brought it up. Perhaps at some point when I have time I will pull together a matrix of how the components and forms work together and interoperate. For now, you can see them side by side and link to the original articles.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.