One Console to rule them on and on its screen display them…

I got a great email yesterday about IoT.

“I think you are over doing the data and integration part of the IoT. A lot of large vendors are building, considering and deploying solutions and they wouldn’t miss such an easy problem.”

Or would they?

Why do we have a data integration problem today? Compatibility. I made a living converting solutions from one technology to another. It is hard to move from one standard to another. But the reality of our world today (computing) is that it is just as hard to move within my interpretation of a standard and your interpretation of a standard.


NIST brought up the topic of portability as a component of cloud computing and I completely agree with them. I should, in an IaaS, PaaS or SaaS solution be able to pick up my entire company and easily drop it into a new cloud provider. Now reality says of course that I will need a tool and time. Moving petabytes of data does take considerable time today on the network. But this should be simple, rendering in the end my IoT data and my IoT integration arguments moot.

First, a homework assignment based on the question above. If you are interested in the what and why of the IoT integration argument, search your favorite search system for home video surveillance. Then search for home automation. In the brave new world of IoT and standards use we have a number of solutions that will be returned in both those searches.

They will all offer connections via specific protocols that are standard in your home. Wi-Fi connections for most home video surveillance systems. Zigbe, Zwave and the X10 standard for most home automation systems.

What they don’t offer is the ability to take their video system or their home automation system and plug it into the one you already have installed. The market for a toolset that will integrate all these solutions will be incredible.

  • First point of integration: All of them onto my television.
  • Second point of integration: All of them to my cellular device.

If I may borrow from one of my favorite authors JRR Tolkien. We need the one console that accepts inputs from all these devices.

3 rings for video surveillance systems.

7 rings for home automation systems.

9 rings for weather and other sensor systems in your home.

One console to rule them all and on its screen display them.

That is why integration will become important. Beyond simply the reality of today’s portability problem the ability to integrate all of these solutions into a single screen, that is then displayed on your home television or perhaps in a remote hotel room easily and quickly is the future integration that will be required for the full impact of IoT devices.

My precious console…


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.