To integrate (verb). I integrate. My solutions integrate. My future vision is the integration of the IoT.

I often hear about solutions that support the concept of integration. Integration being the ability of one solution to effectively connect to, leverage and ultimately produce the desired results via another solution. There is a class of companies in the technology world called Systems Integrations that focus on building solutions like that for customers.

The integration that I wonder about now is the Internet of things going forward. The more sensors that are deployed the more integration that will have to occur. For example today I have two separate video surveillance feeds for my house. Connecting the two of them isn’t really possible today. It is something, however that in the future will have to happen.

A framework for integration would be nice but isn’t going to happen. There are always new ways to solve problems and new solutions to consider. Frankly the reality of streaming video alone creates an interesting problem. Professional systems from 10 years ago would be difficult to integrate (and at lower quality) than new consumer systems are today.

I’ve talked many times about the data production by the IoT. The integration of all that data will produce even further issues. I wrote about personal space and the IoT for Cloudtweaks recently. You can find that link here. In that article I talked about a train filled with people that had a PAN 9personal area network) of devices operating. What would the impact be when all those networks intersected?

If I had to pick a platform for integration today I would say iOT and Android. Mostly because the vast majority of us will have a cellular device and connections to those devices would be optimal. Today many IoT vendors product cross platform capabilities. You can easily connect to the website on whatever device you are using. That by the way is specifically cross platform and not integration. Integration would be where any device could effectively connect to and utilize the sensor or iOT device natively.

That native integration capability is going to be a game changer. In fact I think that is the next big thing. I’ve spent the past few days thinking about the concept of the next thing beyond IoT and frankly I think IoT integration is it. Certainly the problem of what to do with the Data of IoT will be a big issue but the next big thing in my eyes will be the integration of the IoT.

Its going to have to be flexible integration. Why? Because we are talking about a consumer area (IoT) where standards and device change frequently. I suspect the integration points alone are going to be interesting over the next few years. In particular is it possible to create a structured integration framework that will cover the concepts of simple integration? Universal connectivity regardless of protocol? How about secure connectivity between routers and devices that don’t require WPA or other complex passwords? As in I simply touch my device to my router and they are connected forever. For work systems you simple continue to connect to the directory services. For home it’s a physical touching of devices to routers.

Integration is going to be a huge market in the world of IoT. Eventually a standard will emerge that will combine the complexity and the security into a single easy to access and use solution that is more secure than what we have today, and so much easier people will consume it.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.