A point of inflection. Or a point of self-examination–is it the right time?

Yesterday I got a great email about my Eduverse/Syncverse concept. It was horrible personally but a great idea. The author said “why don’t you start a crowd funding campaign and build it” which is horrible because I know I should but it scares me. A great idea I have bandied about for a long time. I just haven’t pulled the trigger.

For a fleeting second I wondered in the end if perhaps the teacher had arrived. That in fact the student was more ready than I had thought.

So I throw that thought out to the ether. Anyone interested in changing the world? Let me know via email.

It got me thinking a little at least yesterday. I need to consider the value of the idea and see if there in the end is something there to be shared. That is why it is painful for me. The reality of any idea is that the idea is good until it is on paper.

Once an idea is on paper (that is my term for codified and ultimately shared) you are open to other ideas around the concept. It is within the concept of other people reviewing that modifications have to occur. I believe in sharing ideas when they are ready. I am just concerned that I don’t have enough packing peanuts around this one today.

So in the end it is good that other people see the value. Its bad in that I am not completely ready to throw this tiny baby to the wolves. So I sit and wonder.

With cloud computing solutions a small startup like this can get running very quickly. The problem isn’t getting this up its keeping the solution up and funded. It is all the interconnections to all the various groups that would need to contribute to the success.

So I continue to think about it.

  • Is the timing right?
  • Is this something that could be a project?
  • Will it, in the end be able to accomplish the dream?


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.