Reflections on the passage of time and the expression of time as less a thought and more the passage…

Time is an interesting addition to any mathematical equation. For example one of my favorites is how much time does it take water to create the Grand Canyon (hint – its a really long time).

We use and leverage time, well all the time. We wear time pieces as part of not only the fashion we consider but also the statement we want to make. We have clocks on the walls and banks provide LED clocks on streets of cities.

The network flashes the time and temperature as well (sponsored of course by Bob’s your uncle furniture and sally’s salt water taffy). People paying other people to tell us what time it is.

Time in the end is a huge component not just of the world we live in but as well the fabric of that world. Consider how you manage time. If you are a river you manage time by considering how much you can erode in a year. If your goal is a mile deep canyon how many years will you need eroding one centimeter at a time?

The funny thing about time is that it is both temporal in that it extends back to its beginning and forward to its end but at the same time it speaks to the exact moment it is uttered. Time represents not a simple linear line but rather it is a presentation of what was and what could be.

It is the great equalizer and the great potential. In the end time matters but time is not the be all end all.

scott andersen
IASA Fellow