My top 5 holiday gadgets (5 more to come in another post)…

Everyone seems to do a top ten gadget list for the holiday season so this is my top five gadget list for this year. The gadgets on this list are available now (December 2014) and I think are both interesting and intriguing visions of what is possible. If you want to see the top ten list – I am posting that on Linkedin.

  • Lenovo Thinkpad Helix – great computer, easy to setup and use. Touch screen makes the tablet experience simple. Keyboard and USB 3 expansion make the system powerful. If you are looking for a desktop replacement – this gets really close. If you are looking for a small portable device you can easily use as a laptop – this one is the bomb.
  • Delorme PN60 handheld GPS – I am a map fanatic. I love maps. I love the concepts and processes of mapping. The birth of handheld GPS’s was a personal dream. I’ve used a number of the handheld GPS’s – this one is the best.
  • iPhone 6 plus – its all about screen real estate. Its all about location, location and how big the text is in the email so I can read it. Yes this is not a phone that fits easily in your pocket but it is a phone that will change the game!
  • iPAD Air – ok Apple is winning the handheld/tablet wars right now. From the aftermarket to the reality these are the tablet’s to be using. I love my iPad.
  • Parrot Noise Cancelling headphones – I was a BOSE guy for years. I traveled on airplanes for 15 years. During that time I would leave Sunday night/Monday morning crack of dawn and get on an airplane. If I didn’t have noise cancelling headphones I would land with a huge headache. But the BOSE while cool were limiting. The Parrot allows me to connect via Bluetooth (and if you don’t want compressed audio then connect via the cable!). The application they have for the iPhone and iPad makes this even better, I can tailor how it sounds. And, its noise cancelling to boot! Plus unlike my original BOSE headset, the Parrot has rechargeable batteries.

I will post the other five items on Linkedin and will include my overall rankings. This represents five of the ten top gadgets I se eon the market today in no particular or for that matter any order at all. Check Linkedin later this week and you will find my top ten holiday gadgets list in order of value to me.

Happy holidays to all – as the holiday season has begun in earnest. Now if I could only find Santa’s personal email…


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow