Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects that are very cool…

Some crowd funding projects I really like right now.


Project 1 Circuit Markets:

I really like the concept of being able to write or draw circuits on paper. Years ago my father bought me a 200 in 1 radio shack electronic and circuit kit. I loved that kit. I did all 200 of the experiments and then started making my own. How power flowed is interesting.

This project allows you to write and erase circuits with a pen. Very nice. They also have a printer and classroom kits that are very cool. 

Project 2: Portable Photo Printer

This project is a portable photo printer. The value here is the size and cost. I really like my Canon Selphy but this is smaller and well its just a really cool idea. This project has met its goal and as of 12/14/2014 for future readers is only 5 days away from closing. 


Project 1: Flow

It’s a mix of what you get with a full motion controller but focused on delivering better motion based computing. It’s a very interesting project overall. I can see a lot of uses for Gesture based computing – motion after all is the new touch. 

Project 2: Cubic

I like AI projects. Ever since I watched 2001 a Space Odyssey many years ago the concept, idea and some the beginnings of execution are intriguing to me. Shot cuts that get me past having to do the same thing every time are well quite interesting. Cubic is an AI project for home, like JIBO and others that allows you to being the automation process.–2/x/3230074 

A reader asked me about two weeks ago why do I pick and how do I pick projects. The first and most important rule is I only share projects I’ve personally pledged. It’s a simple rule but it is the initial rule I have.

A number of campaigns have reached out to me for help/guidance/market concepts and if I like what they have I back and support the project. I have friends who back more artistic projects but I tend to stay away from those.

As always this blog is my opinion and is based wholly on my knowledge and understand.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.