Innovation and time

I realized that earlier this year I made a horrible mistake. It was one of those things that you don’t think about, but in the end should think about. I rushed to join a company because frankly I was bored not being at work. I can’t say how much I regret that except to say boy was it a mistake.

Which is why innovation and time for my topic today. The first device to the market is an innovation the last is just another me too. I have one as well I built one.

The first new version that hits the market changes the game. The iPhone is a great example of that. But so is the PocketPC phone that came before the iPhone.

In the fantastic book “The Blue Ocean Strategy” there is discussion of the impact of time on a market. There is as well in the Malcolm Gladwell book “The Tipping Point” where the point of market readiness is the moment the product takes off.

But the impact of time on innovation is sometimes different. First, some innovations are way before the market. They need the maturity of the market to change so that they can emerge from the shadow. I like to talk about the concept of watching remote TV wherever you are in this category. It was available by speciality companies for a long time but is expect ted for all television providers, Table stakes if you will. As the capabilities of the market matured the solution was released to more an more. The innovations were in the end bought by larger companies.

Time is the great equalizer and destroyer of innovation. Equalizer in that as the market becomes ready solutions reach a broader market. Destroyer at times as the originator, the innovator ends up never realizing their dream.

(short post today – traveling blog).

IASA Fellow