Violence, hatred and anger in the end solve nothing…
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“Violence is the only path forward for the disenfranchised.” Sandler Boggs

That was originally published in 1982 as part of an essay run in a magazine that well sadly hasn’t existed in many years now. It was written at a time when Sandler Boggs was writing a lot of anti-hate and anti-violence pieces.

IT came from personal struggles with concept of hate.

What does in the end hate mean? Does it mean a automatic rejection of something that fits in the category “hated” without consideration? Does the anger replace the humanity or is the anger in the end a part of humanity?

The last part terrifies Sandler. Its why he wrote a number of essays and articles in the early 1980’s talking about a better path than hate and anger.

But that was then.

Fast forward to a time when we are continuing to enlighten more and more people. But the anger and hate remains. Its closer I think to the surface now than it was in the heyday of Sandler Boggs. He quietly slipped off the literary map in 1989 to for the most part never be heard of again.

Certainly the voice of Dylan Thomas “do not go gentle into that good night” fans the flames of hatred and makes them grow. His words written in a angry time of the world. When hate was the only answer that made any sense with bombs falling in innocent London in the early 1940’s.

Yes I understand and so did Sandler that at times hated is an answer. But I worry and so does my friend Sandler that it is too often the first answer.

Let’s take a collective deep breath. Let’s determine if there is a need for the hatred. Let’s look for those disenfranchised and give them voice. Let them be heard. Let their story be told. To many times our world is wrapped around the legal concept of right and wrong. The world begs for equal opportunity in all situations.

Easy for me to call for sitting safe in my blogging space. But in the end something that could have happened many years ago, and still can happen now. Equal opportunity for all.

“I long for a time when I am not the one voice in the wilderness.” Sandler Boggs.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.