The portrait of the blogger as an artist.
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I had a conversation with a co-worker yesterday. It’s someone I respect a lot so the conversation rattled around in my head for awhile. It was on the topic of blogs and the changes in writing over the past ten years.

As an avid blogger my initial reaction was no way. She pointed out that at professor of hers had talked about texting, blogging and the new media changing the language around us. That is something that over time has happened many times. Any group of people communicating in a focused on structured manner will be to adapt to new rules generated by that conversation and communication. You don’t spring fully formed onto this planet with a regional dialect, you learn it over time.

Texting has changed writing radically in this country. I myself am terribly bad at writing complete sentences (in the morning in my blog often – and when texting almost always regardless of the time). Blogging on the other hand has changed the country in the negative like texting modifying and altering the grammatical and presentation rules of writing.

But writing like painting and sculpture is also an art form. Blogging gives many more artists the chance to express their art. To steal the old drinking adage (you don’t own beer you borrow it) and apply it tow writing it is the same. You don’t own the ideas that spring from what you write. You own the concept you put on paper and the words you write. But the reader owns the ideas they have and create from there.

Based on that blogging is a canvas. Part of the artists palette. Over the years I have had fortune to visit art museums in many cities and countries. I have looked at some of the great works of art and wondered. Salvador Dali’s work appeals to me. I like the mixture of what is and what well isn’t. The giraffe as a dresser. It is art.

So are many blogs. Certainly there are blogs that give rise to question that statement. Conspiracy blogs at times frankly many at best are examples of what can be done that isn’t art but rather well I will keep my opinion to myself. But you can find those writings in the 1930’s and frankly any part of the last 1000 years. Cheap and easy literature produced for mass consumption not quality.

It isn’t a first amendment issue in the end. Everyone has the right to an opinion. We don’t always have the right to share that opinion (if your opinion is shouting Fire is a hobby and you are in a crowded theater you don’t have the right to exercise your hobby unless there actually is a fire).

Blogging is a spectrum From literary expression all the way to conspiracy theories blogging runs that gamut. It is in the end merely another vehicle for the artist to dream and share aloud.

“In the hallway the women bustle to and fro and speak of Michael Angelo.”

TS Elliot.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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