An interesting question about a TV show…
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It seems for me a that the few times I watch TV (other than sports) I get frustrated. Shows have writing that is flat or to contrived or worse doesn’t challenge me. Sporting events are my primary enjoyment.

Yesterday I did happen to watch an interesting show. I used to many years ago love the show Magnum PI. It was a funny quirky show and Tom Selleck was someone that just came across well on the screen. I’ve caught a couple of his new show “Blue Bloods” and find the show, cast and writing to be good.

Friday of this week (or maybe last – when you DVR everything dates become well no longer relevant). The show in particular has a bunch of stories going on. The one that intrigued me was the story of a woman, who had raised her sons in a tough neighborhood and didn’t in the end like the police. Mostly because her sons, that had never gotten in trouble were constantly stopped and frisked because they were African American. A tough topic for a TV show to take on but they did present a interesting case. The police needed to have this woman’s help as she actually captured an event on her cellular phone that was trending the other way in public opinion (that in fact the police officer had beaten the suspect as was stated by two “eye witnesses.”

First off there is an extremely hard morality question in this show. Who should you be loyal to?  As we see from the various problems we’ve had in the past few years that alone is a tough question. Ours is a country filled with us against them people. Virtually every group of people and every great migration to America is from somewhere else where the group was oppressed. Or people were taken against their will and forced to a new place.

I wrote an essay a couple of weeks back on Freedom and the right to equal opportunity. The question on the table is who do you side with. The reality we have today is a country comprised of people that often fled governments. From the Irish immigrants, Italian Immigrants, South Vietnamese immigrants were all fleeing an oppressive and destructive government. Why would any of them trust governments again? Because in the end most of the people (except those brought here against their will) were running to what they believed to be a better place.

In the end the woman gives the police the video she took on her cellular phone. They appealed to her as a mother, pointing out that the policeman in question had a mother who also questioned why her son wasn’t treated fairly.

There are two interesting stories for me out of that. The first is the technology has changed the world radically and the concepts within the Internet of Things will continue to change this world radically. The number of places you can go without a video camera is growing smaller every day. The other side of all this is about the right thing to do. The moral responsibility we all have to do the hard things.

It in the end was a great episode that was well written and the story line was not contrived. It asked both sides of the question “the people that don’t trust the police” and the police being asked to wear video camera’s. In the event shown they added the human element of the video camera actually malfunctioning prior to the escalated violence that resulted in a he said/she said issue. No matter how much we rely on technology there is still a human element.

All deserve equal opportunity.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.