Your wait time is 6 minutes (no matter how many times you repeat that 25 minutes isn’t six minutes)…
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There has to be a paradigm – somehow a magical equation that tells you in the end you need to cut the time people wait on the phone before they talk to a human being. Yesterday I attempted to close my eBay account.

Waiting on the phone for more than 25 minutes (your projected hold time 6 minutes).

Find out that I can’t close the account yet. So I guess after more than 10 years on eBay I am just punting. I will keep trying to close the account but I will no longer consider, do business with or use eBay.

In the end I was probably meaner to the customer service representative that is just doing their job so for that I do feel bad. It is a hard job to be on the phone and deal with the problems and issues people have with a product or company.

The quality of interactions both with eBay and eBay customers has gone downhill in the past five years. Each year getting more than incrementally worse. There are so many fraudulent buyers on the service now it is far too risky to sell on eBay.

So I am no longer using, considering or well even caring about eBay.

The issue comes about with the new model they have. I posted a listing (I have a 100% customer satisfaction rating on more than 900 transactions). The person won the auction and once they got the item they started negotiating. Rather than reading the original post which was the contract they agreed to, they declared the item was incomplete. The auction specifically said there are none of the original adds on included with the auction. eBay of course in their infinite wisdom found in favor of the buyer.

  1. Problem 1: Buyer didn’t read the original eBay listing.
  2. Problem 2: I suspect in the end eBay can’t read. How can you find for a buyer when the auction say’s no slide trays included. The buyer opens a case saying the slide trays were missing.
  3. Problem 3: This isn’t the first time this has happened. In fact it happens with every auction now. People win and then say I didn’t get x. But the auction listing specifically says “x is not included.”

In the end I suspect there is a lesson here. I am going to keep digging until it is revealed.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.