Thank you for being a friend…
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I had the pleasure of having dinner with a group of former co-workers that are now a group of friends. There is something to be said about sitting around the table with a bunch of people you used to work with and talking, catching up and sharing.

There are groups of people I miss from my various other jobs. Over time you drift apart and away and you forget the little traditions that made it more fun to be around the people in question. I have a dear friend that we used to always go to the same restaurant when we were both in Seattle. We planned an evening at “Wild Ginger” each trip. Over time more and more people would join us but it was always the two of us starting the event. I kind of miss not being in Seattle as much (or at all for that matter).

I have another friend who makes his own beer. I miss hanging out in his back yard drinking beer and smoking cigars passing the night away. There was a whole crew of us there in his backyard under the Seattle stars. I was there in October 2013 and we had an event but I miss not having them more than once every three years.

Another friend lives out in the country near Seattle and he would host a party at his house another great event and another great friend. I spent 15 years flying in and out of Seattle and frankly don’t really miss Seattle but I miss the friends.

It is an interesting concept. When you are younger you are drawn to other people with similar interests or who have holes you can fill. Later as you mature you begin to pick friends that help you understand and grow intellectually (well hopefully you do). You begin to find people and add them to your life because they help you become a better person. Sometimes they give you guidance about what and where you should be. Other times they are simply there to help you through rough patches.

Perhaps the interesting as well to me in the end that friends can be people you’ve never met in person. I have dear friends on Linkedin and Facebook that I have never met. Truly a friend in every sense of the word but I couldn’t identify them in person. Yet a new kind of friend and new kind of communication. Another treasured person in my life.

In the end friends are the people we lock arms with and walking into a dark and scary forest we simply utter “Lions, Tigers and bears OH MY!”

There is nothing finer than a meal with a friend. Perhaps they were meals of the past and hopefully of the future as well. Meals that you share with friends. Smiles and gestures and in the end shared stories of common and mundane but shared with friends. That is the thing in the end. Sharing with the friends you have walked part of your journey with.

Thank you to everyone over the years that I have called friend. In the end it is more than a line from a rock song – it is an anthem and I really mean it “Thank you for being my friend.”


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.