Why Blogs?

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I heard part of a conversation the other day about change. The person talking was in the group I was in I was just pulled aside by someone else so I didn’t get to hear all the conversation. I wish I had.

The person basically said the worst change in the past 20 years was blogging. That bloggers were able to post anything onto the Internet and it was bad. In fact he said “I haven’t read anything good from or in a blog, ever.”

I figured the ever was thrown on for affect. It makes for a nicer sentence then.

Reality is that blogging, twitter and Facebook/Linkedin are changing the world. It is creating a world where you can’t hide the horrible things you do anymore. It is a rapidly evolving world where people can build and share ideas with everyone regardless of where they are.

Edison, Ford and Tesla were great minds as was a similar time period genius Einstein. They created things and carefully wrote them up and sent them off to a peer reviewed journal. It would take 2-3 months or longer for the idea to spread.

Blogs can be bad. I know this one is bad often. They can be good as well. It is as I have maintained for years a conversation. The best blogs I do are the ones where people send me an email and we converse. The result from that is a blog that has two sides. II I write the conversation it by default only has one side and one point of view.

That all blogs are bad isn’t true. That blogs can often be misleading and well not truthful is part of the process of conversation. So in effect you can find bad blogs. You can stay right on this page and you will run into bad blogs. I have them more often than I would like.

My father used to always say those who can, do those who can’t teach. I would like to add one adage to the adage – those who can’t teach Criticize. There are bad blogs right here and out in the blogosphere. But there are also amazing blogs. One, the story of a young lady cooking Julia Child’s recipes every day and posting the results was made into a movie.

In the end blogs are a conversation that results over time in an information source. They are what you make of them. In some cases the value of a blog is huge. It can start a conversation that leads to innovation. It becomes the concept of a crowd sourced idea. Expanding not only the impact of the original idea but also the minds considering a solution. It can create a community that in the end could change the world.

It is in the end a door. What you door when you cross the portal determines what you will get out of what is on the other side of the door.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow)