Is it time for crowd sourced government? I don’t know…but
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What in the end is the measure of a person? Is it the breadth of experiences they have or the thousands of smiles they left behind? Is there some giant counter above our heads as we live that slowly increments when we achieve something remarkable?

Can you effectively measure a person? Can you find all the things they do and don’t do and balance that in some giant lady liberty statue the good piled on the right and the bad piled on the left. I had a boss once who told me 1 aw crap wipes out 25 atta boys. But is that true? Is that the formula? Or in the end does it matter what the atta boys were and what the aw crap is?

I’ve wondered that for many years. What is the measure of a person. Is it in fact what they leave when they are done or what they do while they are alive. I have a lot of friends overseas who tell me American Politics are crazy. I look over seas and I see crazy politics everywhere.

  • Decisions made on a series of 60 second commercials
  • Decisions made on who is in charge of the military at the particular moment
  • Decisions made because somebody seized power

It is the concept of empowered right. Do you have the right and are you empowered to act against that right to fulfill some requirement? When you build an application you include if statements in case of variables. You throw up an error screen when the application responds n a way outside of the expected.

If you were to design a government as a software application the number of if then statements would make the application unable to function.  The system specifications to run the application  would be massive as the majority of the code would have to sit in memory and act/interact directly with the hardware of the computer.

What in the end would this change? Would it change anything? Probably not. The program would take so long to run that you would end up breaking every rule of decision making. In fact if we consider the OODA look and the orientation process we would in effect find that we couldn’t ever come to a fast good decision. We could some to slow good decisions but often by then it is too late.

I wrote an essay about freedom a few days ago. I talked about the concept of equal opportunity. That one person could ultimately make a difference. I reference Tadeusz Kościuszko a man who gave everything to help America win its freedom. Then turned around went home and tried the same thing for his native Poland. He freed his servants in America. In fact at the end of the war he felt so bad about fighting for the freedom of a few that he left Thomas Jefferson enough money to also free his servants. Jefferson never did. That was when the government was simple. That was when the world was simpler.

It makes me sad sometimes to realize that in fact it doesn’t matter where in the world you are bad things are happening around you. Sure America has crazy politics but so does the rest of the world. We worry so much about money while people are starving to death.

Somehow our priorities are well miss-aligned.

(blue screen produced by resulting if/then conflict)

I am huge fan of crowd funding. It allows for the concept of constant and variable innovation. I wrote about the concepts of innovation and crowd funding in my Andersen’s law of innovation series and now book on Amazon (link to an article in the series is here, link to the book is here). Is it time for truly crowd sourced government?

I don’t know. In some countries just saying that would get you shot. In other countries that would get you locked up or jailed but inside the heads of people is it time?


Scott Andersen

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