Another Shameless review–iPhone 6plus and Amazon Prime
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I don’t often post reviews of technology things on this blog but today I am going to do so only because the two items have changed the way I interoperate with the world significantly.

Shame Reviews- IPhone 6 plus and Amazon Prime

Why am I reviewing them together? I use them together all the time. Amazon Prime and the many other Amazon services (AWS, Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Music) are all things I use on my iPhone all the time. With the new ability to upload my pictures at will (free for prime members) I am happy to say its even more useful than before.

The iPhone has become my go-to device in the past two years. But the screen was a little small in the past. Not anymore. With the 6 plus I can actually easily use the device and see everything. I will say that iOS 8 has a few tweaks that are needed yet – some applications not only don’t work but actually send the device into forever reboot mode.

What I like Amazon Prime:

  • Shipping alone pays for Amazon Prime in a year for me.
  • Amazon instant video is great – on any device.
  • the new Amazon Music service is growing
  • sneaking one in here Kindle Unlimited is a fantastic idea and hopefully it continues to grow

What I like iPhone 6 plus

  • screen is amazing
  • 128 gig of memory – I can actually have movies on my iPad and iPhone and a screen big enough on the iPhone that I don;’t have to squint to see them
  • battery life is simply amazing
  • Cellular call quality and data connections have also improved
  • graphics are stunning

What I don’t like Amazon Prime

  • Only one thing – Amazon keeps adding services but not cost. At some point the cost will have to increase . I have been a prime member since they first offered the option. It is the cloud steal of a deal right now.

What I don’t like iPhone 6 plus

  • call quality can be a little sporadic. In particular in call volumes at times can be hard to adjust. With ear buds, external speakers or car phone systems its perfect so it may just be a Scott learning to use the phone issue.

So if you have an iPhone today the upgrade is worth it. Battery life and extra storage alone make the new iPhones stellar. If you use Amazon get prime. It is in the end the best way to use your shopping dollars on-line. At some point they are going to offer 2 and 3 year packages with fixed rates so they can raise the rates for people joining. So join now while it is still cheap!

By the way the two together are really good. I used my iPhone to view all the pictures I am uploading into my Amazon drive. Its really nice to be able to show people tons of pictures of your kids. I’ve been doing that for years anyway – carrying a device with 10,000 or more pictures so if I was on the plane and the person said do you have any pictures of your kids I could smile and say “yes/” Two hours later the person would groan and wish they had never asked. Now all I need is wi-fi and I am off to the races.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.