The “My Best Friend Box”
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To the large number of people that E-mailed me – yes I am aware of the various cloud drives you can buy and run in your home. The home cache that I am referring to would in fact be two way rather than the cloud drive model (store on your home network and reuse anywhere).

A cache device would encompass what the cloud drives do and a lot more. It would have the ability to communicate with the various video systems and download a movie. The service would allow this because frankly it reduces their load and they can DRM the video so that its only playable by their player. They could even time bomb the file with a 72 or 96 hour life. Sure someone could hack the file at that point but since they are paying for monthly viewing it isn’t the services issue if they break the law.

I would think a connection between your cache and your home automation system would be a good idea as long as there is enough security so that someone can’t login to the cache and shut off your alarm system.

The cache needs intelligence built in. Watch the home network. When the traffic drops to below y, where x = normal traffic when people are home and y = the lower represents traffic of only the sensors on in the home. This would signal after 15 minutes that it is time to start syncing. The syncing should then stop when traffic moves closer to X.

You could even connect to a number of cloud storage services (the exceptional product CloudHQ does that today). Then you create a data portfolio. The cache could simply place your data where you want it so that you can consume it when you need it. Sounds a lot like the Syncverse model in the end.

Another very cool option is the rotation of images you share on the various photo share services including Flickr and Photobucket. Today the exceptional Amazon Fire device allows you to connect to your cloud drive and play the pictures you have stored there on your television. Syncing between your various cloud drives and adding a connection to a television would be of value for the concept of a home cache.

Its needs a catchy name. There are many intelligent products that get close and are around the edges of this idea. So a catchy name is the only thing missing, right? (OK there are a few development pieces missing and maybe some hardware) but overall it’s a simple concept and it needs a cool name.

Previously I called the concept around this the Myverse. A section of the broader Syncverse devoted to information I wanted, needed and used. In the end the name isn’t catch enough. Today all the cloud drives have cool names.

Thoughts? what is a good name for this new type of solution? It would be the iOT manager for a home network, while providing connection to the various iOT and Internet services consumed in your home. A device that reduces the network footprint of your house when people are home by working when you are not there.

Initial thought from me “my best friend. The box that does for you when you aren’t there to do for yourself!”


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow