Not the data you have but the data you need to make a decision
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I’ve spent quite a bit of whitespace recently on the iOT concepts of the world around us. Whitespace only in that the background of my blogging software is white therefore I am typing and filling whitespace.

The concept is quite simple in the end. Devices that monitor and produce data of some form. That data is then shared with you or people you know via a broadcast model. Either the data goes straight to an application or web page so you can consume it or is E-mailed/sent via SMS to your mobile device.

I got a question however from a long time reader about the concept of interconnected sensors. If this than that data. Data produced at one sensor that triggers another sensor before both sets of data are uploaded. Or data produced that is analyzed and then shared. In my book “The Syncverse” I called this a data merchant. Untrusted analyzed data has to be evaluated. Trusted analyzed data moves you closer to a decision.

The concept my e-mailer was heading towards was sensor mesh. I would argue with that only in that the mesh has to support one off or unique sensor acquisition as well as the broader mesh acquisition of data. The example of my model is that for weather data I only care about the data at my house, and the data that is upwind of my house. That in the end is the weather I have and the weather I will have.

Conceptually mesh sensors fits nicely into the (Internet of things) iOT bucket. The interconnection of the sensors allows for the connection of the device needed to access the information. It leaves us still with the horrible bandwidth problem we’ve discussed before, but opens up an interesting paradigm.

I’ve talked before about the screen as a concept. The smart watch as an extension of your phone. Now we have the concept of the screen as an extension of the mesh senor system. Obviously it would require some modification to support human read data. Machine data and human readable data aren’t always the same. But imagine a single screen that could show you the very functioning of your house by connecting all the sensors in your house into a mesh.

Now you move to a large concept that I like to call the Internet of data (iOD). Where it is not longer the things that are out there it is the data they produce that we leverage. The relevance of things is they change over time. Data however remains something that humans consume.

As the iOT expands the data produced becomes the critical factor. The relevance of any particular data set is the time it takes that data to be acted on. In the end the data becomes a component of the observation process and the speed at which we move that data moves us into the orientation process. OODA Loops are a concept that fit perfectly into the concept of the Internet of Data. You can easily overwhelm someone with data. The reality of the iOD is that in fact we will quickly overwhelm people unless we create the Orientation process to make the data consumable.

Not the data you have but the data you need to make a decision.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.