Revisiting an old theme–why can’t we get intelligent synchronization?
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Personally more than 4 years after wandering down the path of intelligent synchronization I am still amazed at the amount of manual process required to sync things between sources.

The application wouldn’t be hard to design. Simply a drag and drop interface. Then a question, I see you are uploading a picture do you want me to copy it to your cloud drive and to the two hard drives you normally use as a backup for pictures?

Is it that hard?

I am not asking for a more complex de-duplication system that says you’ve already copied this image here. Or you’ve moved this document here before. That comes later. Perhaps however a system that you could set a trigger?

Over the course of a month I write a lot of things on my various blogs (now five). I save that stuff as some of it I rewrite later from a slightly different angle. So an intelligent sync engine should be able to tell me when my materials have changed. I set the threshold – more than 20% change make a backup of the old version and keep the new one. When I ask for the file only give me the new one. Let me be able to within the document do a compare with the old backup to see the changes in case I don’t like them.

So give me an engine that intelligently copies my files to the locations I have pre-determined. In the end that becomes the basis for the Myverse section of the Syncverse. I set the initial rules and then the system takes over. If I don’t like the rules, I can easily change them.

Is it that hard?

The largest issue is of course bandwidth. It takes a lot to manage all the uploads you need. Recently Verizon changed their network to support the concept of downloads and uploads being the same. I’ve noticed in the month and a 1/2 or so since they did that in fact my home network is faster. There isn’t a pool of data waiting to go up via my router. Information moves in and out of the router faster so in the end the lag is gone. Its still roughly 2.5 computers/tv’s watching Netflix movies at the same time. But its easily that number of systems now. Before there would always be the slightest lag. I’ve noticed other video sites preforming better as well.

I’ve argued on a number of different blogging platforms that in the end the bandwidth and total bandwidth available will be an issue eventually. Links to a couple of those posts below:



There is a famous line from a gunfighter as he lay dying in the street “which one got you?” the person asked him. “the one I didn’t see” he said with his dying breath.

Bandwidth might be the one we don’t see clearly. As more and more devices are pushed into the Stayable, Wearable and Portable categories the amount of data we pump from our work location, our home location and our wherever we are location will continue to grow. Let’s hope someone is paying attention. While scientists at CERN believe that the speed of light can be exceeded it does remain the limit of physical networks today.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.