Expand your personal reach!

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We were talking yesterday on our family walk about the concept (and risks) of personal presence devices. So on a new marketing campaign I am starting they aren’t really personal presence devices. They are personal connection extension devices.

If you ride up in an elevator today most people are checking their phones. Looking at the tiny screens in their hands. Or they walk into the elevator deep in a conversation. Not that I think elevators are the 21st century water coolers but that sense of disconnection permeates our world.

Therefore personal presence devices should be know as presence extension devices. So that you can be 1000 miles in two places at once. So that when you are remote but you call your family or friends at least there is video of you, smiling and making gestures.

It’s interesting to me the disconnection we are experiencing. Its also interesting to me to see the explosion of devices capable of extending our presence effectively.

I read an interesting post yesterday (before the walk) that smart homes are the next smart phones. That the reality of personal extension devices and the connected home will be the next big thing. Automation systems that once were only featured on very expensive cars are now on virtually every car made. With the Zigbe protocol staying clean and out of the WIFI ranges it makes the world of home automation possible even with an existing home.

Automation of the frustrations is the next big thing. Aren’t home? Connect to your personal extension device and you are. Want to connect with friends 10,000 miles away, log into your personal extension device and connect with theirs.

Did I leave the garage door open? No problem connect to your home automation system and close the door. Did I leave the iron plugged in? No problem log in and turn off the electrical outlets in the room where the iron is. Did my washer hose burst? You can check that via your home automation system. You won’t come home to a flooded house. Oh yeah, and letting the plumber in to fix that leak? You open the doors remotely so that he or she can enter the house – and in an automated home the doors lock automatically. Once the plumber leaves and shuts the door you simply make sure it locked behind him or her.

From personal presence to home security the world of automation is growing. But in the end I think the article missed the point overall. It is not that automation is the next smart phone. It is that automation is the next extension of the personal productivity device that we call the smart phone.

I like to think it’s the next step in extending your personal reach.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.