The broker as the cloud neutral aggregator…
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I’ve written about the broad concept of a cloud broker before. I have come to realize that my vision for that and what has been defined are very different. A year ago I would have said this would be best served hosted by a Systems Integrator. I can now say I’ve changed that position.

What is a cloud broker?

  • Aggregator of services – as defined by NIST. I suspect however based on the original definition that we need a little more wiggle room. There will be many more services aggregated than I suspect people realize. Including:
          • 3d model share
      • Compute resource pooling
      • software purchasing/pooling
      • computer hardware purchasing
      • Network and bandwidth purchasing
      • Spot market for all available resources
      • Computer support services purchasing
      • Development support services purchasing

The broker in the end will become I believe a co-op. Like the cooperatives formed by farmers many years ago. Aggregated purchasing power gives more and more capability to brokerage members. The what of purchasing will grow. In effect this creates the model of a broker as independent. SI’s claim independence but they cannot truly be as they in the end are services driven. The broker would provide single pricing for a number of solutions that would allow organizations to better enable the solutions they have and help them stay “ever green.”

I would expect the broker solution would also enable security. Both from a pre- development through a deployment model. These shared security services would allow organizations to focus their security not on everything all the time, rather on the specific information that they couldn’t afford being lost.

This means that in the end the broker would have to be truly neutral (not vendor neutral) and be willing to make money as the secure aggregator of services. Done right this business model would benefit all three sides of the cloud triangle (Organizations, providers and users).


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.