Happy Birthday Macintosh (a day late)…

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Happy birthday – a day late to the Macintosh. I first bought an Apple Computer in 1983. I had an Apple Iic when they first came out. When I saw the Macintosh ad in 1984 (1/22/1984) I was blown away, huge George Orwell fan and at that time I was a huge Apple guy. I bought a Macintosh in 1997. I had a Macintosh SE, and I loved it. I built HyperCard stacks and slide presentations and ran a First Class BBS as well as a bunch of personal productivity solutions.

I got the SE/30 when it came out, then a Macintosh 2c which was my first color Macintosh. After fourteen years I left the Macintosh world (my last Macintosh was the original Powermac laptop) and well for a number of reasons I moved to the PC world in 1997. I did not have a Macintosh in the house for the next 14 years. The family returned to the Macintosh world in 2011 and while it was a long time between, it was quite easy to pick back up.

That is the beauty of the Macintosh and for that matter the iPhone, iPad et al. They are easy to use. Simple in many cases to have and solve problems with. So happy birthday Macintosh.

So, to end this birthday wish – my five favorite Macintosh applications (starting with the from before and then adding the now)

  • Fractal Painter (yes, it was Fractal before Corel bought it)
  • Office for the Macintosh
  • iPhoto
  • Garage Band
  • Adobe Photoshop

I loved my Macintosh in the past and I love my Macintosh now.

Thanks for 30 years of memories Apple!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow