Glass Fishing–maybe…
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Still chasing the Glass Application. I’ve got a number of ideas but researching the concept, development and execution takes considerable time.

The combination of motion computing and wearable computing is interesting, although the space requirements for motion computing and the reality of people looking at you is something to consider.

Society changes over time. When I was a little kid my grandfather always wore a watch. My father always wore a watch. People today use their cell phones and don’t wear watches as much. But suddenly the concept of a SmartWatch introduces that change. So I suspect while waving your hands in front of your face for motion based computing would appear odd now, in 10 years it may be common place.

Still that is a couple of years away (imagine sitting next to a person on the train or airplane using motion computing. You might edge a little closer to the aisle or ask the attendant to move you to another row). Or worse, they are watching a movie and swipe left to right for fast forward knocking over your drink.

Back to fishing for Glass. Which by the way, would be a fantastic motion based Glass app. Fishing. Fishing is a wonderful sport (catch and release unless they are big enough to eat). It calms you and gets you outdoors. I miss having a boat to be able to explore lakes and figure out where the fish are. For me its not the actual throwing of the hook into the water, it’s the scientific search for fish that I enjoy. Sonar, underwater video, water temperature and weather conditions all play into the search for fish. Sometimes I don’t even put a hook into the water at all, just search for the fish.

Still, a game would require more points of reference for the camera and while it is good, its not that good. So back to the drawing board, which by the way has a full trash can by it now.

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