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There is a great discussion going on right now on Linkedin. Its about the decline and fall of Microsoft.

*******New Product Idea****************

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I have a Sonos playbar at home in the home theater. Its an amazing audio device. With the subwoofer behind and the bar in front you get the THX theater experience in the basement.

Since the device has the ability to connect to applications today (as the Samsung TV I have can, as well) I would love to see them adapt a Go-To-Meeting, Lync and WebEx client so that each could use the sound bar to push out the audio of the call. Then you can view the audio and interact with it at a much greater level than before.

It may only take a small amount of modification for the iPad, Laptop or phone client to be able to do that.

********* end new product idea ******

I love the quiet time between Christmas and New Years Day, I can catch up on all the projects I haven’t been able to finish. If only I could have two weeks, then I could get caught up, forever.


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