Your gesture was ignored because, well its just rude.
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Yesterday I talked about my thesis that motion was the new touch. I got a great email from a “long time reader first time caller” from an old friend of mine from Cincinnati Ohio (and frankly a huge Bob & Tom fan also).

His concern was actually the same as mine. He said “motion is restricted as much by space as it is by ability to move per the applications expectations.” I agree with that assessment and have mentioned that to a couple of the motion vendors I’ve talked to.

Extending that concept beyond the simple, motion will create issues in airplane, bus and train scenarios. In a car other than the back seat gestures aren’t the best control option. But neither is touch. You can use voice control in your car but that has drawbacks as well. You can’t use voice control on an airplane or train. The people next to you will wonder who you are barking orders to. They may all suddenly open, close or launch something.

But I was specific in saying it’s the new touch. Touch computing hasn’t completely launched yet. There are devices that continue to get better but its still a year or so away from perfection.

Gesture based computing is probably two or possibly three years away. The concept here is that eventually devices will offer a mix of motion, touch and voice control.

For now it is fun to play with the various motion controllers that are available. As they improve so will my finger painting and game playing. I wonder however, in the future when motion improves how will motion controllers handle rude gestures?

“Previous gesture ignored due to nature of gesture.”


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow