Motion is the new touch
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Contrary to the email sent to me this week by a friend I am not a futurist. I do however like to think about what is next in the world of computing for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which is staying ahead of what’s next.

My premise: Motion will replace touch or will extend touch beyond the boundary of the machine.

Right now I am and have been playing with a number of motion devices. The Leap controller is the first one I’ve looked at the rest are in process on Kickstarter.

Motion is the new touch. As touch was as recently as two years ago, motion is the new touch. The difference being (and I’ve had this conversation with a couple of the project teams above) is that motion requires more space.

Leap is a great system (as is the incredibly useful Kinect) for the broad concept of motion but both require significant space. The second project uses a device you carry in your hands to create the 3d space, it requires less space overall but you lose the use of your hands to a degree.

I’ve played with some of the new Windows 8 touch devices (sorry MS friends, the iPad is still a better touch interface – Win8 is a great improvement but it isn’t there yet.) I’ve used the iPad as a word device for the past two years. In all cases touch is good, but has it limits.

A couple of the projects above actually also include iPhone or iPad capabilities. I have to say it is interesting to see how this unfolds.

Motion will replace touch. Touch is bound to the edges of the device. A stylus is also bound to the edges of the device. Motion sensors can open up the infinite.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow