Breaking the migration triangle into its supporting components…
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Considering the concept further of the migration triangle I’ve realized that each of the supporting end points of the triangle has its own triangle underneath it.

The concept of planning for example is comprised of three distinct components:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Technology mapping
  • Risk discovery and documentation

The concept of communications can also be broken into three distinct components:

  • End User Communication
  • Training and helpdesk communication
  • Executive (upward) level communication

Finally the concept of people can also be broken into three distinct components for your project:

  • The people on the project with the skills you need
  • The people you are doing the project for
  • The people reviewing and monitoring the outcome of the project

Of course you could go even more finite and break the smaller buckets into even more smaller components. Such as people who monitor the project not as business leaders but as the next people in the queue with a migration project.

In the end the supporting components are critical. In the people spectrum if you miss one of the three your project runs a serious derailment risk. In planning if you miss requirements or risks your project can be destroyed. Finally if you miss communicating upward and outward you run the risk of being successful with no one ever noticing.

I would argue that in fact the best possible future state for migrations is that they happen and nobody notices. I don’t think that is possible in the near term but that is the dream state for migrations.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow