Migration Triangle continued..

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Migration Triangle Rules (MTR) continued

MTR 4: The Conops of migration has three parts (the triangle) the first one to fail results in the migration not being completed. Stack enough failed migrations up and you suddenly have a pre-migration wall you have to leap. If the migration fails after some level of completion document the failure so the next team doesn’t have to leap over your failure.

MTR 5: There is a path that many organizations have that has been beaten into well, a path. It leads away from the communications plan once the migration starts. Plan the communications and then act on the plan.

MTR 6: This comes from my days as a Microsoft Solutions Framework training (MSF). No project on earth has ever slipped 6 months in a day. Communication (see above) helps us remind people that projects have delays.\

MTR 7: Migration is a team sport. That means people who start with the concept that they are the smartest person in the room can’t really help you. You may consult them on specific problems but once the migration is rolling get them out of the room.

There are hundreds more rules – I could go on forever. The concept of a war room is one I’ve pushed for over and over. Migrations can be massive changes. Making as many components of the migration process as smooth as you can is critical. Your success as a migration team rests of the simplicity of the migration.

Because no matter what you do a new solution means many more helpdesk calls.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow