Earth Day Green IT continued…
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Ever since Earth day I’ve been noodling around the edges of green IT. From solar mobile chargers to the large concept of data center consolidation there are a lot of ways to save IT cost by moving more into the green IT space.

I’ve seen interesting building designs that take advantage of cold air sources (like moving air low to high in a building, leveraging cold mountain air). Solar and wind power are renewable energy resources that allow a data center to be more green.

What I wonder is the potential for the consumerization of green energy. Years ago, enterprise and government groups were the forefront of technology. They spent 3 and 4 times what consumers spent on technology solutions. Today that has reversed and frankly it is 10 to 20 times more spent on the consumer side. I believe the green technologies would greatly benefit from moving into the consumer space.

This brings me to the concept of what green consumer would look like. From renewable energy to recycling there are a number of aspects of greenness we all aspire to, reality is however we aren’t as green as we think we are. We could be greener.

So, let’s think about what green IT and green consumers might want over the next few years.

  • Cheaper solar power for the home.
    • A campaign by the DOE to have HOA’s around the country allow solar panels. They don’t drop the value of the house, they increase it. (congrats on the new house, your electric bill during the summer will be $25 a month, i.e. what the power company charges to keep a line running to your house).
    • More solar capabilities you need more power to run air conditioning than you think.

There is more to come…


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow