Head on down to change alley!

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The concept of crowd funding is very exciting. I am a huge fan (and a huge supporter) of the various projects on Kickstarter. Why? Simply because it is a way to break the cycle of innovation into smaller pieces and it brings many more great ideas to light.

Interesting in the book “Good to Great” and “How the mighty fall,” Jim Collins and his team point out that the loss of innovation is often a contributing factor to the decline of great companies.

Kickstarter to me is the expansion of innovation outside the stifling walls of larger companies where great ideas often languish. In fact there are a number of projects on the site right now that are beyond interesting. A pen that let’s you draw in three dimensional objects. A 3-d printer and scanner (two different projects) that allows you to bring all dimensions into the computer. All are projects that have recently been funded or are being funded now.

The Pebble and Metawatch offerings came out of Kickstarter. There have been a number of extremely interesting projects and it isn’t just technology. From films to high school robotics team Kickstarter is a way to shape and share innovative ideas and get them funded.

Part of this revolution is of course the ability to manufacture what you envision. The ability of a Chinese factory to fund a floor for about 30,000 dollars is simply amazing. It reduces the cost of entry for the new ideas.

For example a project I’ve recently found that is intriguing – Drive with dash (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shred444/drive-with-dash). This device captures the I/O port in your car, the Progressive plug and drive device uses the same port to capture information about your driving. It links to your iOS device and let’s you know about your driving.

Change is coming.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow