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Topographic maps are interesting, they show the way the world is shaped under your feet. I bring this up because lately I’ve been playing with the Delorme GPS handheld receivers. The first part is the fact that they have developed maps that blend the topo with the satellite image of the world you are walking around in. I find that most interesting as the dog and I like to cut off the beaten trail from time to time and find a “new way to go.”

In the old days we used to lay the topo map out on the table and map our trail. Now we can simply punch it into the GPS device and away we go, plus the chances of missing that obscured fire trail are a lot less when the GPS tells you that you are off track. It is an interesting change greatly improved by the addition of technology to the solution.

Plus with a 32 gig S.D. card you can in the end have virtually the entire country on your device rather than simply having the map of one portion of the state of Indiana on the kitchen table.

Oh to live in interesting times…

I am a self-avowed technology geek. I am always looking for the next great gadget.


Scott Andersen

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