A communication trend?

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My grandparents met on the commuter from Aurora Illinois to Chicago. In the 1920’s when they met that was a 45 minute ride one way to downtown Chicago and they would then both walk to where they were working (Grandmother at Montgomery Ward and my Grandfather was working for Oscar Meyer at that time). They met and began dating while talking on the train in the morning.

Yesterday I rode home on the metro from DC to the burbs. Interesting different world that we live in now. There were people conversing still but now it was on their phone (with a hurried I am on the train I may lose you). They were staring at screens and interacting with a world beyond the train, but no longer with the train.

How many great romances are lost to the screen?

Its not easy being social on a train – it’s a lot easier to slide into the electronic friendships of FB or Twitter. You have to listen more and talk a little louder which means others can hear your conversation so you have to pitch the content a little differently taking out names and context at times. You can do it but FB is easier.

What does that say about our modern age? Are people less social or are we more social? I find that my children are more willing to share things on FB than I am. Although I do blog every day so I tend towards oversharing there.

I think a lot about what is next in technology. Trends and things that will change. I wonder and consider all of the what may be options in the technology area. I also dabble in the area of communication in particular evaluating and considering patterns and anti-patterns within communication. I see an emerging pattern that I am not sure what happens next. A move towards a different meaning for the word social.

Oh to live in interesting times…


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow