How do you fix anti-patterns
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How do you help someone that people perceive as brilliant but as a solo artist learn to play on a team?

As I think about the various patterns and anti-patterns in communication that I have discussed here (and published in my book Transitional Services), I wonder how you help some of the anti-patterns move forward. Personally I suffer from the project pirate anti-pattern. I tend to take meetings off in a different direction. Based on that I have to be very careful on the what and how of my interaction in meetings. Awareness is the first and probably the hardest part of fixing an anti-pattern. Not that mine is fixed just that I know it is mine.

There are a number of positive aspects to many anti-patterns, the builder can be a great team asset as longa s you keep them away from idea people. Dancing bears on unicycles with colored pens run great meetings as long as you keep them away from the whiteboard.

So how do you help someone that doesn’t play well with others? You can’t do the toastmaster process that will just make them more difficult. There has to be a reverse toastmasters – where you have to go and be the audience not the speaker. Where you have to walk up to the speaker afterward and say great job.

I suspect my essay after my 3rd one (that is coming – I haven’t quite finished it) will be how do you grow anti-patterns into patterns. I suspect it is at times as much a matching of management style with personality style as it is anything else.

From here to there takes as much effort as there to here. You just have to pay attention to the way you go.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow