Oh boy–nearly a PASN solution!!!

My Amazon author page!!!!

I was looking at a PASN solution that gets really close (media mostly) the new Wi-Fi drive from Seagate. It includes a media application for iOS, Android and your PC/Macintosh that is again a part of what PASN would be.

From a high level view it is a step. But from a reality of perspectives it is not a large step its only a baby step. Still, a wonderful step and I am going to pick one up to play with it.

Looking beyond this initial step there is such a wealth of possible things including of course the Syncverse and Myverse solutions that could be someday.

As the concepts of personal area networks expand there are many things that will come to grow the PASN concept.

I am preparing essay 2, which will be focused more on what may be in the technology of tomorrow.

I love my job.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow