The lost vision of …
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I need to pull together a new safegov blog – just can’t find the time right now. Security and the considerations of both cyber and physical security are interesting topics, just don’t have the time required to sit and create.

In a previous life I was a devotee of two different models for creating and managing a vision within a project. That envisioning process has evolved over time into something different but I think back to the envisioning workshops I taught for customer’s and internal groups and it makes me smile.

Vision is something you acquire through the life of a project. Certainly there are those who create grand initiation visions for projects that are just starting. Those “huge” earth moving visions like JFK’s vision that launched NASA into the stratosphere. We certainly strive towards those visions but they are as much dreams as visions.

Within a project a different vision is born. You have the reality of the project, the problems therein and what has to be done. For that vision you want a get things done leader. But the project as a whole needs someone leading it that can ascribe to something larger than the project, something grand and convey that message back to the team.

That’s that change that has happened to me. Visions aren’t set in stone, rather they are grown by the nurturing love of a project team. If the team doesn’t nurture the vision, in the end the project dies along with the vision.

My new philosophy of visions – grow your vision and your project will flourish. If you visions languishes, stop and water it. A lost vision becomes a lost project.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow