We set sail soon

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Columbus  left Spain with the intent of finding passage to India that was more expedient than the around the horn of Africa (risky) or the overland (risky and expensive) to open new economic markets for Spain.

He was seeking an economic boon for Spain which in the end he did discover. The gold of the new world while accidental more than made up for the lost spices of India.

What is the next great market?

The Internet exploded with the advent of online shopping. The Amazon concept wasn’t new (simply online Wal-Mart) but it expanded the market and created a huge economic whorl wind.

Telephony seemed to be the next great market that was just at the edge of exploding. But that market needs to shake out a little yet, like the concept of watching your video anywhere anytime, it needs more bandwidth to be effective.

Is bandwidth the next great market?

Sadly not in the near term. When you can have companies bid for the data you use, and provide it at a lower more cost effective rate, in the end that is the future of data and data consumption. But that market lies beyond the horizon. Too much money to be made in the wires for companies to let go of that.

Perhaps I should start a Kickstarter campaign (looking for the next big market) and build three ships to accompany me on that journey. I don’t think Spain will fund this one (they are struggling a bit right now).

We set sail soon – sign up and join the quest!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow