Random IT thoughts…

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There is a line in the movie Skyfall that intrigued me. The former MI agent loosely translated you can do more damage with a computer. It does seem to be the case now, that you can impact the world around you a lot more with a computer now. Virtually the world is very small, packets of information can circumnavigate the globe in the time it takes one person to upload them to Youtube. The more personal one on one style often used by Bond in the movies in the end is less effective – you can only impact one or two people at a time.

It also showed the arrogance of people in IT a little. It was the mistake made by the IT team that releases the virus. Arrogance is a failure to be aware of what may happen if you aren’t as good as you think you are.

Humans fail, it is part of the reality we live in every day. The what and how of our failure determines our next steps in every situation. Luckily in the movie, the person in question who fails is able to redeem himself.  That is of course typical in the movies. That isn’t always the case in the real world.

Time to head back to resting. I can now sit up for 2 hours at a time without getting dizzy, but right about 2.5 hours I still get a little dizzy.

Rest is the only cure.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.