mobile security
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There is a concept around of mobile device security being a limiting factor. The reality? I suspect (I don’t have any data that backs this it is MHO) that most device thefts in the mobile space today are to resell the device not the information. Of course the other side of that is that most people don’t have mission critical data on their mobile device that would be worth more than the device today.

I have long argued that getting information out that is correct and effective (quickly) is critical path core functionality of a KM system. Questions that take time to answer cost money. So there is a value proposition in having information on mobile devices. There is of course the greater risk (the smaller the device the easier it is to steal that device).

So in effect I guess there is a security limitation around mobility today.

What I wonder is could there be a solution that moved the overall security problems to the backburner. A two factor solution that would force the device security to improve by focusing on the connection between any one user and a specific device. A what you know and a what you have connection (fingerprint or retina scan possibly) combined with a random passcode (yeah frustrating but if it allows security to move forward worth it).

Would that be possible? It could be automated like an RSA token built into the phone that was only active when the users fingerprint was connected or time based scans were enabled.

Just an odd thought…


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow