ER Technology–very cool
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The ER experience.

Having recently spent 3+ hours in an ER as a patient (and about 2 years ago 3 hours as a parent with a child going to the ER) I have to say things are really quite impressive. The use of and application of technology to solve the health problems presented to the ER team is very nice.

Things that once took paper forms and time, now are doe via computer and with significantly reduced time. I sat in the ER waiting room for about 23 minutes. That was pretty impressive because at that point 23 minutes felt like a lifetime to me.

The efficiency has also extended to the processes and procedures they use to eliminate the problems and begin to make you feel better is quite impressive. I felt much more at ease and comfortable within 30 minutes. (in fairness a huge amount of that comfort was Barb reading a book to me).

I was never asked (until being released) to sign anything via paper. All of my vitals were taken and instantly entered into the computer system. The nurse taking my blood pressure the second time had all the information from all my tests readily available for her to consult.

The experience was end to end quite impressive. I only wish it didn’t ruin my families vacation.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.