Why is it so hard to ask for help

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Why are some technical people unable to ask for help or acknowledge that other people helped them get to where they are? It it something that bothers me. I would not be the person I am without a number of people that influenced me from an early age. I am however sometimes afraid to ask for help.

It puzzles me, to realize that I suffer from that weakness. It is so stereotypical (men don’t ask for help, men don’t ask for directions). That I worry about it.

If we think about the concept of asking for help there isn’t much risk in that process. You reach out and someone chooses to help you or not to help you. It isn’t rocket science. It is simply an opportunity for both parties to be successful (win win as we love to say).

Yet there are times I struggle with it. The acknowledgement piece is relatively easy – you simply have to admit that no matter how good you are in reality you aren’t able to do it alone. There is always someone else helping you get to where you are. But asking for that help is another story.

I have no answers today, simply questions. Why is it so hard for some IT people (and for that matter any person) to ask for help?

Why do some people struggle with giving others credit?


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.