Does test change in the cloud?
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What does cloud computing really mean?

If our goal in developing a cloud solution is to reduce the costs of the overall solution do you need a mirror testing environment? Sure, IT to date has always had fully mirrored test environments. It is the way and the path to application nirvana.

But in this new metaphor of cloud computing do we need a fully mirror test environment? Is it not the dream of PaaS to allow us to quickly build solutions without having the dev/test environments of the past? Or can we have a reduced test environment (say functionality test) rather than a fully mirror test environment?

It’s a question that bugs me – it seems in the short run to be a sticking point for cloud adoption, because frankly mirrored test environments are very expensive.

The world of test and testing has long been an addition of failsafe’s and risk reduction. But unfortunately risk reduction through testing environments also carries cost.

What in the end drives the overall solution we are seeking, cost or requirements. Should IT companies say no test, no deploy? Or should the world of functionality test environments take over (no longer a mirror environment – simply a place to test the expected solution?

it’s a tough one…